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Cape of Storms Distilling Co. FYN Botanical Rum

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At Cape of Storms Distilling Company we are pioneering a completely new rum making method in South Africa. By combining a centuries old Caribbean rum making technique with naturally strong African blackstrap molasses, we have created a truly unique product.

Our rum is fermented using only 4 ingredients; molasses, water, yeast and yeast nutrients. This ferment is then distilled using our big 760L still, affectionately known as “Big Jack”. Our rum then undergoes a second distillation in “Little Elaine”, our 100L column still. Finally the rum is bottled on site at The Spice Yard, 100 Voortrekker Road, Salt River in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

We do not add any sugars, chemicals or artificial flavourants. Our rum is double distilled making it very smooth. This allows you to drink it on the rocks, in your favourite cocktail or with a mixer of your choice. It is truly an authentic craft rum.

The Fyn Botanical Rum is created by gently infusing our unique botanical blend during distillation. Using distinct Cape fynbos, balanced with locally grown fruit, it has a uniquely South African taste.

The two most prominent flavours, Honeybush and Naartjie give a pleasant citrus taste, closely followed by the warm and robust flavours of cinnamon and all spice.

Finally we are Cape Town's only dedicated Rum distillery and Tasting Room.