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Suncamino Floral Rum 500ml

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Suncamino - Neologism for passionate people that have centred their lives around everyday adventure. Those that are constantly pushing up the hill and looking for the thrill. The dreamers, the Creatives, those that hypothesise & philosophise with meaning, those that see the beauty in their breathe, and those who paddle for the last wave before the sun sets.
“Camino” is a Spanish verb referring to a Journey-a path chosen, making this our pilgrimage to follow the sun.
Conceived in Cape Town, this incredibly smooth Rum has been aged for 8 yrs in ex-bourbon barrels, in absolute Caribbean climate, and is then subtly infused with natural floral extracts typical of the Cape. The intention is to preserve the aged rum’s naturally beautiful aromas, and to create a rum perfectly served in its purest form, on ice, or in a classic daiquiri.